Cultural Couples

TheRoadsEdge Blog, Cultural Couples

Cultures dictate that we should appear different. But one thoughtful look and we really are the same. 

  • I was walking in Prospect Park. I was walking behind the couple on the left and, at a fork in the road, decided to leave them alone so I veered to the left. Immediately, I was behind the couple on the right. Immediately, I started thinking about how one culture allows and even requires its women to dress scantily. And, how the other culture dictates that the women be fully covered. So radically different in culture but just so incredibly similar in this moment: both couples were walking slowly, taking in the scenery and enjoying each other’s company. Both seemed like they were on dates. Both couples were doing exactly the same thing. 

Originally posted to FB on July 10, 2013. Your response.

Visual TREat #9.

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