Street Sistine finds SynchroniciTRE

Lovely Random SynchroniciTRE

Lovely Random SynchroniciTRE

A few weeks ago, I posted a Visual TREat called Street Sistine. In it, the God’s hand reaches out to man in Michelangelo’s most famous image from Sistine Chapel. I found a modern match for that and posted the two together (see top image).

A friend opened his FB page and found his newsfeed looking like this (see above image). Two posts from two good friends seemingly talking to each other in visual arm extensions!

What are the chances of that?! Probably the same as that roll of the dice on a craps table. Or, it’s SynchroniciTRE at work, yet again.

(Photo credit: bottom photo taken by Gloria Plascencia.)

Starry Foam

TheRoadsEdge Blog, Starry Night Foam

Van Gogh sat in cafes and dreamed of a Starry Night .

I sit in cafes and dream of Van Gogh.

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Visual TREat #8.

The Secret to Being Real

Your gut knows what’s real and the secret of expression is to let it out. Wouldn’t you think Martin Luther King Jr’s I’ve Got a Dream speech was laboriously edited for the greatest impact? I would have and I did, until I saw this … Improvised? Wow.

MLK Dream Speech was Improvsied

MLK’s I’ve Got a Dream speech was improvised!

Gray Squiggly Gravel Smile

Visual TREat squiggly

A sidewalk and an artwork mirror each other

A City sidewalk takes on the fancy-pants art world.   


Visual TREat #6.

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What have you seen recently that takes on the art world?


Cultural Couples

TheRoadsEdge Blog, Cultural Couples

Cultures dictate that we should appear different. But one thoughtful look and we really are the same. 

  • I was walking in Prospect Park. I was walking behind the couple on the left and, at a fork in the road, decided to leave them alone so I veered to the left. Immediately, I was behind the couple on the right. Immediately, I started thinking about how one culture allows and even requires its women to dress scantily. And, how the other culture dictates that the women be fully covered. So radically different in culture but just so incredibly similar in this moment: both couples were walking slowly, taking in the scenery and enjoying each other’s company. Both seemed like they were on dates. Both couples were doing exactly the same thing. 

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Visual TREat #9.

Jellyfish Graffiti

TheRoadsEdge Blog Jellyfish Graffiti

I walk by this pink jellyfish often. It’s one of many pink jellyfishes sprayed on the walls in this particular spot in Carroll Gardens. I like it. It’s simple. The artist sprays just enough to create a pile of pink that then drips down and stops – just – in – time. And there you have it, the jellyfish’s tentacles.

So, one day, nearby in the Ikea parking lot, I saw this round cement barrier. It is one of many. And just like with the jellyfish graffiti sprayer, the rain piled up just enough to make the drips all along the outside. Drips that also look like tentacles. And in this case, the whole cement object is pretty much the same shape as a real jellyfish.

How beautiful is that?

  • A pink jellyfish on a wall. Its tentacles created from paint dripping.
  • In the same neighborhood, rain on a concrete ball.

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Visual TREat #5.


Abstract Skys

TheRoadsEdge Blog, Abstract Skys

Waiting for a train in Hudson, NY. I looked up from my book to see the sky fully lit and glowing. And it reminded me of a painting I had finished weeks earlier – of steel gray clouds passing in front of an horizon orange with the sun setting. Art, meet life. 

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Iron Flower Pattern

TheRoadsEdge Blog, Iron and flower pattern

Nature is design’s teacher and there are examples of it everywhere. 

  • Nature is design’s teacher. And we have taken creative inspiration from it for ages. That iron door is a great example. The flowers are clustered in rows just like in the photo.
  • Bonus: The little strip of yellow flowers in the photo on the right suggests the little strip of white light along the right edge of the iron gate :)

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Visual TREat #3.


Flower Clouds

Inverted abstraction: what?! Ok, see the flowers? Don’t they take on the same color cluster as the clouds?!


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 Visual TREat #2.

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Can you find a similar topsy-turvy? If yes, send the images to me and I’ll post them!