Graffiti Bark

Metal street pole with graffiti mimics neighboring tree trunk and bark

Any time you think:

I don’t know how to draw something;

I don’t have the skills;

I don’t have the imagination, the talent, the schooling;

think about this “graffiti bark”.

Someone scrawled thick black lines on this street light. Nothing new really, right? But next to it, there is a skinny, tall tree. The tree and the post are about the same size.


Look at the post and look at the tree. Look at the black marks on the post and notice that they are squiggly lines that could be letters or could be marks.

Look at the bark and notice that its chunky crevices also make squiggly lines.

Compare the two. I translate this as graffiti bark!

Okay, I know, some of you will insist that the scrawled marks are words; that the person was tagging the post. But couldn’t it also be possible that those marks, words or not, were influenced by the tree next door? And I say that however it happened, that metal post now looks like a radically modern version of a tree. How fantastic is that?

Without sweating the details and worrying about what bark really looks like, we have an example of how it can be drawn!

Take away your self-imposed rules that dictate how you should see or draw something. Free up your hand and loosen your mind, let your own interpretations unfold in front of you.

I guarantee, you will surprise yourself.

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