Heart Vine

Orchid plant peeking over desk and forming the shape of a heart

Orchid plant from a different angle and the heart shape disappears

Have you ever stood in front of a painting and seen something in it that nobody else is seeing so you point it out and then it becomes obvious?

Have you ever stood viewing a painting with the artist and you tell her what you see in the painting and she says that’s not what she intended but it’s cool that you see your own interpretation.

Have you ever read the title of a work and thought: what in the world could that artist have been thinking because this painting looks nothing like the title?

It happens all the time. That’s the beauty of art.

Take this for example:

I’m walking down the hall at work and I see a beautiful heart visually formed by the branches of an orchid. I asked around if anyone had seen it. No one had. Once I pointed it out though, everybody said it was totally obvious.

The reality is: this is a desk with a plant on it.

The beauty is: this is also a message of love.

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