Looking Around

Paper plates and pizza box strewn on the sidewalk

Store window with 3 round nesting tables and rectangular books

Sometimes I walk around and something catches my eye. These 3 paper plates did just that. They registered in my brain as 3 bright white discs. I continued walking.

Not twenty feet away, I passed a shop window and saw these nesting tables. They also registered. I paused. There they were again, the 3 discs.

Take a look back at the picture of the paper plates; here they lay, fallen in a sequence not unlike the nesting tables. One, two, three, almost like they’ve been pulled out one from under the other.

And the pizza box, that shape, there it is sitting on top of the tables.

How beautifully random, this find, these objects, their close proximity. If I had seen the window display even one block later I probably would never have connected the plates to it.

These visual connections are everywhere. Try and catch them when you can though because they are fleeting. When I went back to snap a photo of the paper plates, a shop owner was sweeping the sidewalk. Thirty seconds later those plates were gone.

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