Iron Flower Pattern

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Nature is design’s teacher and there are examples of it everywhere. 

  • Nature is design’s teacher. And we have taken creative inspiration from it for ages. That iron door is a great example. The flowers are clustered in rows just like in the photo.
  • Bonus: The little strip of yellow flowers in the photo on the right suggests the little strip of white light along the right edge of the iron gate :)

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Visual TREat #3.


Flower Clouds

Inverted abstraction: what?! Ok, see the flowers? Don’t they take on the same color cluster as the clouds?!


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 Visual TREat #2.

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Can you find a similar topsy-turvy? If yes, send the images to me and I’ll post them!

Pink Blossom Abstract

TheRoadsEdge Blog, Pink Blossom Abstract

A real landscape becomes more abstract than an abstract painting of one.

 Crop a portion of your world. Remove the perspective. Everything flattens.

  • In this case, peeking through the gorgeous layer of fallen cherry blossoms are random shapes. Without perspective, it becomes really close to the abstracted landscapes I’ve been working on in the studio.
  • The image on the left? That’s one of my paintings.

Have you ever unwittingly created an abstract landscape?

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Visual TREat #1.