The Road’s Edge Story

The Road’s Edge concept came to me while I was zipping along a back country road and I passed, and then went back to, a fruit stand selling raspberries. The pints of berries were stacked high and next to them was an honor-code money box. That delightfully fresh and local fruit was sitting there for purchase was one thing. That no one was watching over the table and the money was another. You want the fruit? Put money in the box. It was simple and honest and it got me thinking.

Like many of you, I’ve spent years in an urban setting being bombarded by images and knowing that no one leaves anything unwatched. The message we learn is: Keep your eye on the road or something really bad is going to happen.

That, in a nutshell, keeps us from looking around.

The intent of The Roads Edge is to get people to start looking around again. To trust that wanderings and exploration don’t take you from your path, they actually enhance your experience of it. sells paintings and prints, however, it is also an interactive art source. Visitors can read about the artist’s way of thinking and seeing; there are challenges to participate in and a collector’s corner with special deals and sneak previews.

Thank you for visiting The Roads Edge. Take a look around!