Use the Side Doors

paper sign on store door, too small to read

Paper sign on door, can now read first part of request

Paper sign on door, large request ending in tiny letters

Create wonder. Create surprises. Paint your painting; shoot your photo; sing your song; write your novel and in each one create moments that pull us, entice us, bring us in a little closer – and then, simply surprise us.

I was reminded of this in the most interesting way: I was on my way to work thinking about the day ahead when I saw a store door with a paper sign taped to it. The white paper stood out against the dark vertical door frame so it caught my eye. From a good ways away I could read the first line. It said in big dark letters: Please Use The.

The rest of the text was too small to make out and I got curious. Now I was actively watching the sign. Please Use The what? The big letters were telling me the request was important; the small letters were making me move in closer.

The fine print said: side doors.

Who in the world decided that those words had to be written so small and who in the world put that sign together? I’ll tell you who; a person who completely understands the concept of enticing and delivering.

Keep an eye out for these opportunities when you are creating or look for these moments when you are participating. They are simple and they engage us.

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